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Our promises are Pleasure, Energy, Naturalness and Commitment.

Our bars have unrivaled taste, texture created with high energy value and fairtrade certified ingredients, and 100% natural recipes with no conservatives neither food colorings.

Partners :

Fair Trade

We here at Mulebar believe farmers should be paid a fair price for what they grow, and that is why we are proud to provide you with fair trade certified products.


We carry a variety of vegan certified products. Those include:

Our Mango Tango, Peanut Punch, and Hunza Nut energy bars, As well as our Cherry bomb, apple strudel, cafe cortado, and lemon zinger gels.

Vegetarian Society

We give you the guarantee of 100% vegetarian products. All of our products have the Vegetarian Society trademark, a trademark that is widely recognized.

Organic Farm

The organic farming logo is protected from being used on non-organic products in the EU. That is why we are a proud carrier of this logo.  In keeping with the European Union’s strict criteria, our Liquorice and Mango Tango bars are certified organic.

One percent For The Planet

We here at Mulebar believe that giving back is not just an option, but a responsibility. That is why 1% of all proceeds are donated to organizations that stand for what we do: preserving nature and keeping it a safe, clean space for all.

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